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Love Will Light The Way…


It hurts to move. To talk. To breathe.
It feels like you’re trapped in a nightmare.
And there’s nothing more in this world that you want than to wake up.
You want to go back to the way things were. You want to go back to hearing that voice.

Seeing that smile.

But you can’t wake up. You can’t escape.
Because it’s not a nightmare.  It’s real.
This loss. This overwhelming pain.

Why did this happen?
What did you do to deserve this?
How can you go on?

Questions with no answers. Running through your head again and again. Making you feel like you’re losing your mind.

The worst part?  No one understands. No one knows this darkness.
This hopelessness.
This feeling of desperate futility.

But I want you to know that I understand, beautiful soul. I understand because I lived it.

When my beautiful son, Nico, transitioned back to spirit, I wanted to leave this world.
I wanted to go with him.
He is my heart.
He is my person and I didn’t know how to do this life without him.

I didn’t want to try.

Just as I thought the pain of losing him would be too much to bare, I discovered some of my family and some of my friends believed I could have done something to save Nico.
They believed I could have done something different.
Something more. They felt I could have prevented my son’s physical death.

I would give my life today, if it would bring him back. But it won’t.

These people were looking to blame someone to erase their own pain, and they chose me.
The people I thought I could rely on for love and support at the worst time of my life, turned against me.

I was abandoned and in such deep grief, I thought I would never find my way out and back into the light and love. So, I turned to the only source of hope, I had.

A single lifeline, is an angry sea of sorrow…

My spiritual connection with my beautiful boy. I consciously connected with Source. With Higher Power. The Designer and Creator of All Life.

I had done the same thing, at the time Nico was transitioning out of this world and into spirit. I sat next to him. I held my son and I held space for his soul. I tapped into the spiritual realm.

To Source.

I called on my Inner Shaman. I channeled healing. I gave Nico everything I had so he could go home in peace and love and light. That was 2 years and 2 months ago (May 3rd, 2015).

I continue to nurture my spiritual connection with my beautiful Nico to this day. I feel him in spirit next to me, at every moment.  And today, I feel peace and joy and love when I think of him.

Growing up, I had experienced unspeakable trauma and abuse of all kinds.
It was my strong connection to Source that saved my life and my sanity.
And I instinctively knew that this power would save me again.
And it did.

But it was a long journey. A journey of pain and heartache. Of desperation and fear. One thing kept me going through some of the darkest moments after Nico was gone. It was a knowing deep inside…

A divine message on angel wings…

My soul purpose in this life is to change the way people view death. Death is not an ending. The one you love so much is ok. More than okay.

And it’s ok for you to heal.

Its ok for you to love again and to laugh again.
It’s ok for you to feel alive again. To find a new purpose. To go on.

My love for Nico gave me strength and courage I never even knew I had.
It was that shining, bright, beautiful love that lit my path.
Love will light the way. It always has. It always will.

You are not alone.

I found the way through all of the grief, the heartache, the hopeless despair of loss that you feel right now. And I can show you how to get through it too.

When you’re ready, just reach out to me.

I’m here for you.