Tidal Waves

Tidal Waves of Grief seemingly come out of nowhere I have to admit sometimes I am given a hard time for having my phone in my hand at gatherings and events. People say put your phone down! and yes I can be guilty of scrolling, but I will also say...

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Is Death The End?

I don’t believe so, my knowing and the connection I feel to the spiritual world assures me physical death is not the end, but I also know this may not be the belief for everyone and that is okay. May 3, 2015 my life changed forever, my 16-year-old son...

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holistic health therapies for stress management

6 Alternative Therapies For Stress Management

The Holistic Approach to Stress Management   The Holistic approach for stress management focuses on the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of health. Holistic Health practitioners believe the body is capable of healing itself and treats the whole person instead of providing a quick fix to the presenting symptoms....

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