Introducing the New Ebook:

“I Am Light”

Love & Light Inspirations to Reset Your Mind, Body & Soul


Written By: Jennifer Curry Prasad


Are you busy adding more things on your to-do list in life, but don’t feel like your getting anywhere? 

Do you feel like you’ve become disconnected to all that really matters?

Have you lost your purpose in life and miss the joy of just Being?


If you answered yes to the above don’t worry, you’re not alone and it’s not your fault❤️


The good news is, you already have divine guidance whispering the way to a meaningful and satisfying life and all you need to do is listen. To live an abundant and purposeful life you need to be in alignment with who you truly are and understand the Source from which you came. That’s when you will shine brightly for You Are Light!”


Hi, my name is Jennifer Curry Prasad, and for those who don’t know me, I’m a Holistic Health Coach with a passion and love of universal energy, love and light. I love to help people like you to realign and reconnect their mind, body and soul and to inspire people to live with love in their heart so they can overcome any obstacles in life. Today I’m excited to introduce you to my new EBook:


“I Am Light”

Love & Light Inspirations To Reset Your Mind, Body & Soul

In this EBook I share with you:

• Simple affirmations you can use every day to deepen your connection with Source and realign your Mind, Body & Soul

Activities to inspire your creativity and align your vision and passion for life

• Specific Organic Essential Oils to help you feel calm and relaxed

• Tips to help you focus on mindfulness and achieve a deeper level of meditation


By using the affirmations in my EBook each day, I’ve adjusted my mindset from negative to positive, recharged my body and enlightened my soul and so can you. I’m very excited to share my message, tips and tools with you to open your mind to new possibilities and awaken your true potential❤️


This book was written with love to support you in your journey as you reconnect with the light that you are. When you’re in the space being one with the universe, you’ll discover the joy you deserve to feel and you can manifest the life you desire because:

You Are Light!


If you’re ready to hit the “Reset Button” on your Mind, Body & Soul, click the buy button below to instantly download this EBook.


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