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Your Brightest Hair

Have you ever been given a gift and just wanted to share it with everyone? A gift you know that can change peoples lives because it has changed yours? A gift that continues to keep giving?

Your Brightest Life Now

There was a time when I was in a place of being sick, suffering, and searching for solutions – REAL solutions. Not solutions that mask one symptom only to have another pop up like a game of wack a ball and not a solution to lose an organ or body part only to have disease spread to my next organ.

Organic Essential Oils

Women as healers and care-givers for their families and communities pre-date written history. From time immemorial, women were expected to give birth, nurture, heal, protect, provide for and spend their days steeped in the tradition of the wise women before them, caring for themselves and their families – and quite often, the entire community.


Are you busy adding more things on your to-do list in life, but don’t feel like your getting anywhere?

Do you feel like you’ve become disconnected to all that really matters?

Have you lost your purpose in life and miss the joy of just Being?

Holistic Health Coach & Wellness Strategist

My name is Jennifer Curry Prasad. My passion is to guide and inspire my clients to shift their behavior to healthier habits by making step by step changes to their diets and lifestyle and resetting their Mind, Body & Soul.