Why goDésana Organic Essential Oils?

Women as healers and care-givers for their families and communities pre-date written history. From time immemorial, women were expected to give birth, nurture, heal, protect, provide for and spend their days steeped in the tradition of the wise women before them, caring for themselves and their families – and quite often, the entire community.


The things we have come to accept as the comforts and necessities of live were placed entirely in the realm of womanly arts.


stillroomThe woman’s arts reached their peak during the late middle ages till the early part of the last century, in the time of the stillroom. the stillroom still was a smaller and simpler version used to distill herbs to extract their essence for use in medication, cosmetics, salves and many other household uses.


The stillroom and the special women who worked there were revered and valued for their knowledge and skill, as they sustained the health and well-being of those in their care, often totally responsible for saving and prolonging their lives.


Family recipes were closely guarded secrets much like some of the favorite recipes passed down from our ancestors are today. Grandma’s famous pie crust or turkey gravy recipe becoming a family legacy passed to the next generation.


Today, with the increasing interest in aromatherapy, organic essential oils and other natural forms of health care, the arts of the stillroom are again gaining recognition and are truly the birthright of every woman. Whenever you make a simple herbal recipe, scent a homemade candle, enjoy a potpourri from your own herb garden, make an herbal vinegar or preserve food, you are participating in the preservation of the tradition of the woman’s arts and the legacy from the long-forgotten stillroom.


Download A Collection of Aromatherapy Recipes: From the Stillroom HERE>>>




What Are Organic Essential Oils?


Essential oils are natural, aromatic, chemical constituents that are extracted – usually via steam distillation – from the roots, stems, bark, seeds, and flowers of aromatic plants. They are scientifically proven to be anti-infectious, antibacterial, antiviral, antiseptic, anti-fungal and anti-parasitic.


Their small molecular size allows them to be easily absorbed through the skin in 3 seconds, then travels where needed throughout the body.


The goDésana/Alexandria Brighton Advantage

alexandria-newpicExperienced Formulator

All goDésana Essential Oils are sourced and formulated exclusively by Alexandria Brighton, a French Medical Certified Aromatherapist, with over 25 years experience in essential oil formulation.


Proper Testing and Documenting
All goDésana Organic Essential Oils are independently tested and documented for purity, authenticity, and therapeutic constituent levels. All extraction is done in a manner that preserves the integrity of the organic, wildcrafted plant life. Each bottle bares a batch number to document and assure authenticity.


100% Pure Therapeutic Organic Essential Oils
No pesticides or chemicals are used in the cultivation of any crop. No irradiation or GMO plant materials are used for distillation or extraction. No cross-contamination from allergens; peanuts, milk, tree nuts, wheat, soy, fish, eggs or shellfish. They are cruelty-free oils – no animal testing or animal products used. No additives, extenders or chemicals are added.


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We Are What We Eat


I am the girl that wherever I go, if I am holding a beverage or eating a meal, is asked, ‘Is that Organic?’ LOL. You see I push organic whenever possible because I truly believe our bodies were not designed to be supported by a bunch of man-made chemicals and or pesticides and that the nutrition that comes from something grown organically in nutrient rich soil is going to support our bodies better.


Now the same goes for what we put on our skin! As it only takes the skin 26 seconds to absorb what we have exposed it to. Think about it, our skin is our barrier between us and the outside world – our protection, our detoxer, our absorber. What you are slathering, dabbing, applying all matter to our skin as it will make its way in to your body!




How Organic Essential Oils Changed My Life


I had heard really amazing things about organic essential oils and decided I wanted to incorporate them in to my family’s life as divine tools to give our bodies support alongside nutrition and lifestyle, and to remedy and help any issue that is occurring, in a more natural organic way.


jenn-and-shaynaSo I start searching organic essential oils and stumble (well I feel I was nudged) and found, or I was found by goDésana/Green Organics. I placed an order for a few starter oils to explore with and see how they made me feel. A few organic essential oils turned into many oils and diffusers and oiling up my hubby and my kids!


These amazing organic essential oils, assisted me in helping my 3 year old through a high two-day fever by applying oils to her feet, diffusing oils in her room, and relieving her symptoms naturally.


I now diffuse organic essential oils in my room nightly depending on which oil calls to me. Believe me, after some time of using them – intuitively, they call to you! I have been awoken in the middle of the night with terrible tummy pain and grabbed my Dygest roll-on, applied it around my tummy, received relief within minutes, and fell back asleep! Amazing! I use L-Stimulate each morning to support my lymphatic flow, which is key to overall wellness, I apply 4 to 5 oils on me each morning before I leave my house, and every evening as I go to bed.


Pure organic oil heaven!


These organic essential oils have been truly a divine gift. I would love to share these divine gifts with you!




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